Kettering Lodge
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The outdoor 2021 singles champions
  Mens Allen Simms   Ladies Sian Hughes-Jones

2018 Outdoor Season
Indoor Season 2014/2015
November 2015: Kieran Rollings at Nottingham playing in the England v Scotland Match

Lady President’s and Lady Captain's Day Players

President's Day & Captain's Day
President's Day & Captain's Day - February 2015

High Society
High Society Event

Indoor season 2013/2014
EIBA Visit

Indoor season 2012/2013
2012/13 Indoor Winners

Indoor Gala February 24th. 2013.
    Our Gala Day this year began with a visit from our Kettering M.P. Mr. Philip Hollobone, accompanied by his two young children.
2013 Gala

Indoor Season
Mr Brian Langton NIBA President
Brian Langton NIBA President

Outdoor Season

La Coupe Francais 2011

Members dressed for the final game of the 2011 Outdoor Season (La Coupe Francais)

2011 Outdoor Champion Linda Smith

2011 Outdoor Champion Linda Smith
2011 Outdoor Champion Peter Wood

2011 Outdoor Champion Peter Wood

Borough Finals
Adrian Harris & Steve Robinson
Adrian Harris & Steve Robinson winners of the Pairs in the Borough Finals

Under 19's Gala
Under 19's Gala 2011
Under 19's Gala 2011 Under 19's Gala 2011
Under 19's Gala 2011 Under 19's Gala 2011


Mark Turner
Mark Turner ID Champion 2009 - 10
Pat Starsmore ID Champion
Pat Starsmore ID Champion 2009 - 10

Pat Starsmore
Pat Starsmore NWIBA President 2010 - 2011

Club Competition Winners 2010/2011

Ladies Singles Men's Singles Aussie Pairs
Delia Panther Alan Thorn Delia Panther
Alan Panther
Ladies Pairs Men's Pairs Mixed Pairs
Delia Panther Adrian Harris Sam Gamble
Margaret Silsby Mark Turner Marjorie Wright
Ladies Triples Men's Triples Mixed Triples
Glenys Oldham Steve Dockerill Paul Harris
Margaret Everitt Steve Mason Barbara Harris
Maggie Lewis Andy Britten Mark Turner
Ladies Rinks Men's Rinks Mixed Rinks
Glenys Oldham Dave Keller Alan Thorn
Pat Starsmore Alan Thorn Sue Briggs
Jill Robertson Bill McDonald Mark Turner
Margaret Bosworth Alan Crick Margaret Haig
Novice Singles Junior Singles
Dave Keller Sam Gamble

Outdoor 2010
Andy Cooper
Andy Cooper OD Champion 2010
Margaret Silsby
Margaret Silsby OD Champion 2010